What are Good Tech Things?

Good Tech Things are comics, videos, flowcharts, and infographics handcrafted by Forrest Brazeal.

Who are Good Tech Things for?

Software developers, IT people, and their bosses enjoy Good Tech Things.

Can I share Good Tech Things with my friends and colleagues?

Sure! The Good Tech Things you see on the homepage are licensed as Creative Commons BY-NC-ND. That means you can freely copy the images and share them on your personal social media, your blog, or wherever, as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Credit: Leave the @forrestbrazeal signature on the Things
  • No Derivatives: Please don't edit the Things in any way; they are not meme templates
  • Non-Commercial: You may not charge people money to access Good Tech Things

If you want higher-resolution Good Tech Things that you can use commercially - say, in whitepapers, sales decks, brand social media posts, outbound sales emails, and so forth - you can sign up for a GT2 Pro subscription.

When do new Good Tech Things come out?

Frequently. Watch this space.

The comics on the homepage seem kind of small?

They're thumbnails. Click on them to get larger images at permalinks. You can also hover and click on the icon in the lower right corner of any image to open a carousel.

Can I search for Good Tech Things that relate to a particular technical topic?

Yes. Use the search bar on the homepage to filter Thing titles and tags.

Weren't some of these Things originally published by A Cloud Guru?

Yes. Tech education company A Cloud Guru purchased an exclusive license to use many of the Good Tech Things between 2018 and 2021. (Did that have anything to do with their $2 billion acquisition in 2021 by Pluralsight? Who can say?) Anyway, the rights have now reverted to Forrest and that means anybody can use and enjoy Good Tech Things.