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A resource hub of technical comics, infographics, flowcharts, and other stuff devs like.

Good Tech Things - a wildly unique collection of flowcharts, comics, and infographics - have been viewed and shared millions of times since 2015 for one reason: technical practitioners and IT decision-makers enjoy them. A lot.

"Forrest’s cartoons are the perfect blend of deeply insightful & relatable. My LinkedIn audience loves them. Subscribing to Good Tech Things was a no brainer! "
Addy Osmani, Head of DX at Google Chrome and Top LinkedIn Leadership Development Voice

Do you want people to sign up for your webinar? Promote it with a Good Tech Thing. Do you want people to read your outbound sales touches? Include a Good Tech Thing. They kill in sales decks, in conference talks, on LinkedIn, in whitepapers. They even do well on Reddit. Reddit hates everything. But Reddit likes Good Tech Things.

Good Tech Things resonate with practitioners because they're a little bit opinionated - almost like political cartoons for devs. I'm an engineer myself. I stake my own credibility when I draw these.

But until recently, Good Tech Things were hard to find, and if you did find them, it wasn't clear whether you had the rights to use them.

Introducing GT2 Pro - a resource hub of handcrafted developer attention-getters.

Here's what you get with your GT2 Pro subscription:

  • Hundreds of proven "developer magnet" assets - comics, infographics, flowcharts - in beautiful full resolution
  • Royalty-free use of the assets, anywhere you want. (The full license details are here, but as long as you're not editing the images you should be in good shape.)
  • Easy searching, sorting, and downloading with the resource hub's rich tag system. Do you need a security-themed asset for an upcoming campaign? There's a tag for that - and for K8s, DevOps, AWS, software development, and many more. There's also a rich helping of comics designed for technical and business decision-makers. They're humans too, and they love a wry chuckle.
  • New and updated assets weekly. You'll get regular email updates with brand-new comics, infographics, and flowcharts, as well as recommendations on how to integrate them into your campaigns. I also regularly refresh older assets to make sure they stay relevant as the technical landscape changes.
  • Priority requests. Need a comic on a particular subject / technical area? Let me know and I'll prioritize your request in my to-do list.

I've been in developer marketing roles myself, and I've wasted plenty of time trying to cut through the noise with the same old boring nonsense that everybody else is throwing out there. Don't do that. To cut through the noise, you need a strong signal. You need Good Tech Things.

GT2 Pro

A resource hub of developer-facing assets that really work.

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